A.F. Blakemore is working closely with all of the relevant authorities to understand how the situation is going to develop over the coming weeks and months.

We can assure you that we have significant contingency plans in place in order to maintain supply into our entire store estate.

Our supply chain is resilient and we have the benefit of multiple depots to be able to mitigate as much impact as possible, as we get a clearer picture of Government strategy we will update you with our response.

We are providing communications with regard to inbound stock updates, outbound supply issues, any advice and guidance we are receiving from the Government, the BRC or the ACS.

Given the uncertainty that we are experiencing in the market currently, we would like to request your assistance. We are managing our supply chain as effectively as we can to ensure we continue to supply our customers, however please can we request that any ordering and polling times are adhered to. We are unable to process additions to orders at this time, and appreciate your assistance with this.

We will provide further advice when it becomes available on how we are supporting staff and managing absence, and some practical operational advice on clean down processes.

If you have any specific questions or queries please email or speak to your Account Manager.

Important Supply Update

Following the decision to close the border between the UK and France, retailers can be reassured that product required in advance of Christmas is already within the UK either within our supply chain or already in the AFB depots, we are therefore not expecting any impact on product availability within the short term. 

Our trading and replenishment teams are in continuous contact with our suppliers and a daily stock and availability update will be issued at midday each day to keep customers informed, this will be communicated on the Stock Availability section of the intranet.


NHS QR Codes

The newNHS Covid 19 app has now been launched, designed to tell people to self-isolate if their phone detects they were near someone who later test positive with Covid.  The app uses QR code technology which enables customers to check in at venues such as pubs, restaurants and stores.  

The Government has specified that you should create and display a QR code if you are:

  • a business, place of worship or community organisation with a physical location that is open to the public

If you have more than one venue, you need to create a separate QR code for each location. You can add multiple locations in the service.

To obtain your QR code simply visit:, you will receive your QR code poster by email after you have submitted your registration.  The poster should be displayed in a prominent position where your customers can see it and scan when they arrive. Displaying more posters will prevent queues from building.


New Licencing Rules In Wales

On Tuesday 22nd September, Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, announced new restrictions due to the increasing number of Covid cases across Wales. From Thursday 24th September 2020, no alcohol can be purchased from restaurants, cafes, pubs, off-licences and retail stores after 10pm.

For more information, please click on the links below:

- New licencing rules in Wales

Supporting POS
- COVID 10pm Alcohol Restrictions - Shelf Card
- COVID 10pm Alcohol Restrictions - A4
- COVID 10pm Alcohol Restrictions - Half barker

- COVID 10pm Alcohol Restrictions - Welsh POS



Best Practise and Signage Support Document

Support Document

As we all respond to increasing COVID-19 developments, and the necessary instruction to protect ourselves and customers, we have created a support document to ensure you are following the latest government advice and practices.

This document contains links to a variety of signage that you will find useful in directing and informing customers.

   Please click here or on the image to view.




Coronavirus Advice

What you need to know about Coronavirus - please click here.


Deep Clean Procedure

If you are asked to deep clean all or parts of your business by your local health authority due to COVID-19 exposure we'd recommend following these steps.

You will not be asked to do a deep clean unless a staff member or customer with a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been into your business, according to current advice.



Static DocRead..New Licencing Rules In Wales

Static DocRead..COVID Alcohol POS - A4

Static DocRead..COVID Alcohol POS - Half Barker

Static DocRead..COVID Alcohol POS - Shelf Barker

Static DocRead..COVID Alcohol POS - Welsh POS